29 Things I’m Looking Forward to My 29th Year


Birthdays are a time to reflect on the past and create new hopes and dreams for the future. I turned 29 today on February 25 and I love setting goals and preparing myself for the next year of life so here are 29 things I’m looking forward to in my 29th year.

1.Getting Married

2.Saving More $$

3.Increasing my blog content

4.Monetizing my blog so one day I can do this full time

5.Daring to be the very best me

6.Finding who I have not yet become

7.Traveling with my husband

8.Living in my purpose

9.Hosting more food and wine related events

10.Getting recognized for my blog and work on a national level

11.Being a boss lady

12.Taking a group cooking class

13.Hosting Thanksgiving

14.Working and collaborating with top brands

15.Searching for a new home

16.Giving back to the community and others by serving more

17.Contributing innovative thoughts and ideas

18.Not stressing over the small things

19.Less anxiety

20.More grace

21.More prayer

22.Masterinig my professional career

23.Heathly lifestyle

24.Family time

25.Investing in stocks

26.Living spontaneously

27.Giving my all to things I want most in life

28.Never giving up

29.Leaning into failure

I’ve done this list for my 26th and 27th birthday. Somehow I skipped 28 but here I am back with the list for my 29th. I love these lists because it allows me to come back a year from now and reflect on my past goals to see if I’ve made any progress. It’s so refreshing to have a gut check in this crazy thing we called life.

Does anyone else do a goal list for their birthdays? If so, tell me some of your goals down below in the comments section!



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  1. Grandma
    February 26, 2018 / 6:17 pm

    I truly needed someone like you when I was growing up. I strive to be more like you. Love you!

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