Bantu Knots!

Hi Beauties! 

I’ve had the same twist out now for about a week! My curls are still defined and it honestly could last a couple more days, but I decided to do a little experiment with Bantu Knots(single strand twist and then taking the twist and twirling it to the scalp in a knotted fashion). 

6 day old twist out

6 day old twist out

I’ve tried Bantu Knots in the past on wet hair and this time I wanted to try it on semi dry hair from an old twist out to see what kind of result I would get. 

I finger parted my hair and gently detangled each section by spritzing it with water and using my denman brush to smooth the hair. After I got my hair smooth enough I used a couple pumps of my brand new Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Heat Setting Foam

I purchased this product last week at the launch of the Macadamia Heat Styling collection. I will do a full product review soon! 

I added this product to my hair and then smoothed hair again with the denman brush. Once my hair was smooth enough, I simply did a single strand twist and then twirled the twist (essentially wrapping the hair around itself) until a fake knot was formed. 

Usually, if you have kinky/curly hair it is easy for the hair to secure itself once you run out of hair to wrap around. If this isn’t the case a simple bobby pin will do the trick. 

I did about five Bantu Knots on each side of my head and put a silk cap on my hair for it to set over night.

Tomorrow, I will do a pictorial of my results! I was just very excited to let you all know what I did to my hair today. It’s a very simple process that took my all of 20 minutes. You don’t need many tools, products or much time! 

I also love this style because all hair types can do it (short hair, twas, long hair, medium length) it doesn’t matter! And everyone will get a different unique look. 

Is this something that you think you can give a try?


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  1. August 21, 2011 / 11:23 pm

    your twist out was beautiful! how did you maintain it at night time?

    <3 jaz

  2. August 22, 2011 / 1:06 am

    Hi Jaz! My night time regimen is really easy! I have a silk cap and I literally pile all my hair under it and go to bed! That's it! I don't re-twist because I think the twists get better as the week goes on! You can find the silk cap at most drug stores or your local beauty supply store. The caps are relatively inexpensive and last for years!!! Love them!


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