How do I deal with my multi textured natural hair?


Hi Beauties!

Do you struggle with trying to figure out the best way to manage your multi textured natural hair? Are you somewhere between 4a, 3c and your own person “4az” lol?? 

Is it a constant battle to detangle and style your hair because of that one problem area in the middle, front or back of your hair? Don’t fret! There is a solution.

To get a more uniform pattern of curls you ALWAYS have the option of doing a twist out, twist and curl, rod-set, braid out or even bantu knots. Your options are pretty much endless! Don’t think that you need to have that natural curl all over your head because honestly I don’t think anybody does! 

Don’t allow your multiple textured hair to be the bane of your existence! Embrace it and work with what you have the best way you know how….try some of these simple styles to help hide your multi-textured hair:


Try a chic big blowout!

Try this high messy bun for a retro look!

Chunky twist out!

These styles are sure to put your headache at ease while dealing with your multi-textured hair! 

Have you tried any of these styles?? Do they help?

Let me know! 



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