Wanna stay fly while transitioning? Follow these simple tips!


Hi Beauties!!

Are you thinking about going natural? Or are you halfway through your journey? Here are some tips that I found extremely helpful when I transitioned. And even some tips that I WISH I knew then!

  • Ever wondered how naturals got that flowing, bouncy twist out or rod set? The key is LESS product! This makes for a fluffier lightweight look.  So, experiment with your favorite styler whether it be Mixed Chicks, Carol’s Daughter or Miss Jessie’s. Just remember that too much product will have your hair feeling dull and weighed down.
  • Whenever you’re ready to style your hair go through the process of first getting your hair as clean as possible! As simple as this might sound if hair isn’t squeaky clean and free from previous products your style might not be as wonderful as you initially thought.
  • Is detangling something that scares you?? Trust me, it scared me too, until I realized that washing and conditioning my hair in sections allowed me to easily manage my hair and get through the washing process quickly and efficiently. Try washing and conditioning hair in four sections.
    • Wash hair in four sections by twisting four large chunks of your hair and only concentrating on one twist at a time. Once you complete washing/conditioning one twist rinse the product out thoroughly and twist the hair back (to keep it from getting tangled) This process is my secret to stress free detangling!
    • I know the urge is there to do what you stylist does at the hairdresser and massage your scalp with hair piled at the top of your head but that is a disaster waiting to happen!
  • While shampooing NEVER use your fingernails to scratch your scalp! Always massage with fingertips! Stay focused on the scalp and allow the lather to run down the ends of your hair.
  • Also, be patient. This natural hair journey is a serious process that will be a test at times. Not everyday will be a good hair day. But hang in there! It will get better. Trust me. With time you will become a pro and master a regimen that works best for your kinky curls!
  • Remember that consistency is key when deciding to embark on your natural hair journey. If you treat your hair with all the love and affection that it needs one week and neglect it the next you will not get results! It’s important to get a good hair routine and stick to! It takes 21 days to make something a habit right?…or something like that! Lol Try being consistent with your natural hair routine for 21 days and see what happens.

Lastly, here are some Do’s and Don’ts when transitioning:


Use a conditioner, ALWAYS

Use a NO SULFATE moisturizing shampoo

Sleep with a satin cap or satin pillowcase

Co-wash weekly

Use leave in conditioner

Find a good support system to help you through your transition


Use a fine-toothed comb, EVER

Wash-and-go until you are fully natural. You will be disappointed with the results because your permed ends will not take to any curl enhancers!

Get tight braids or twists to “grow out” your hair. This may work for some people but for others after you take out the braids/twists you will have more breakage than growth

Ever try to detangle hair by combing from root to end! This will break your and cause major split ends! (Always detangle from the ends to the roots)

Were these tips helpful? Let me know! Ciao Bella!

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  1. Shannon
    August 10, 2011 / 1:40 am

    I really like the "DO" and "Don't" list!

    I really need to be more aware of the type of chemicals that are in my shampoo. I'm going through my shampoo tonight to check.


  2. August 10, 2011 / 11:02 pm

    It's sooo important to be aware of the type of chemicals in your shampoo! That will either make or break your regimen! All natural products will keep your hair soft, moisturized and extremely manageable! And it will also cut out the guessing game…You won't find any chemicals in all natural shampoo's!

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