Want a sleek, long-lasting bun? I have the answer!

Hi Beauty!

Ever wanted to rock your bun from day to night? Wondered how you could make it last for days? Just how is all this possible? 

Well, since moving to NYC I needed to find a style that was fast, easy and lasted a couple days if I needed it to. I wanted it to a protective style that would ultimately help me to retain length. 


I use to be the queen of buns when I had a relaxer. But, for some reason my natural hair never accepted buns very well. I wanted my hair line to be smooth and laid, but instead I would get curly and puffy.

After talking to friends and getting some tips from natural youtubers I came up with the 5 things that will give you the PERFECT bun.

#1 A soft bristled brush for smoothing your edges

#2 An ouchless hair tie

#3 A silk scarf 


#4 Eco Styler gel

#5 A spray bottle full of COLD water

Once you have all your tools follow these easy steps.

1. After co-washing your hair damp it dry with a towel

2. Once hair is no longer soaking wet take your brush and start shaping your hair for your bun. Brush those edges and position your hair as high or low as you want it

3. Take your spray bottle and spray the perimeter of your hair (this will help the eco styler gel to be applied smoothly without bumps)

4. Once you spray the perimeter of your hair with the water take the brush again and smooth the hair out

5. If hair is smooth to your liking take a generous amount of eco styler gel (amount will vary depending on the thickness of your hair) and rub it together in both hands

6. Gently apply gel to hair and smooth with brush

7. Gather hair into a pony tail and wrap your ends into a bun

8. You can secure the bun with another hair tie of bobby pins (whichever you prefer. My hair is unruly, so I use both)

9. Once you have your hair in the bun and secure, brush back any fly-away hair you might have and mist hair with water

10.Take your silk scarf and tie it around the perimeter of your hair (this will ensure that your hairline is smooth and laid! Keep the scarf on for as long as you would like. I suggest at least 10 minutes to give your hair time to set.

My signature bun

I’m not the only one who’s obsessed with buns! Check out these celebs rocking the look as well!

Source: Rih Rih
LaLa Anthony

  DanielleEvans, former America’s Next Top Model


Janet Jackson

Do you think you can pull off this easy bun look?? Did I leave anything out? Feel free to ask any questions you might have!


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  1. August 15, 2011 / 2:14 am

    I love the high bun! I reminds me of my ballerina days AND it's super chic at the same time.

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