Natural Hair Crush of the Week: Mischara

NB: Why did you decide to go natural? How long have you been natural?

I decided to go natural when a co-worker at the time of mine wore her hair in a twist out. Her hair was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.  Immediately, I decided, right then and there, I was going natural. I began my transition in late 2006 and became fully natural in late 2008. I’ve been natural for about 3 years and loving it.

NB:What are your natural hair goals?

My natural hair goal is to maintain healthy, strong, and split end free hair. I’m not big on chasing length because I don’t straighten my hair and I don’t intend on doing so.

NB:Who is your natural hair crush??

My hair crushes are those who are able to rock their hair at any length with confidence. I will say that I am a fan of those with 4-type hair. No shade to those with other hair types, I’m just a lil bias because I happen to fall in that “category”.  

NB:What is your current natural hair regimen?

My current regimen consists of washing and DC’ing (deep conditioning) every week. I use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle shampoo & Nourish Spa conditioner (has GREAT slip). I also do a hot oil treatment with my favorite oils. I use Organic Root Stimulator replenishing deep conditioner as my DC and I sit under my huetiful steamer for 30-45 min. After washing & conditioning, I typically wear my hair in 2 French braids, two strands twist or a puff. 


NB:Describe your personal style

My personal style is quite simple and classic. I’m a jeans and tee kind of girl. I’m all about comfortability. However, I do play up my wardrobe when its appropriate by incorporating blazers, heels & accessories, i.e. Rings, watches, necklaces & purses/bags (I’m BIG on accessories).  I don’t follow many trends when it comes to fashion.  I wear what feels and looks good. I’m also attracted to colors that compliment my skin tone.  

NB:Any tips for transitioners?

My advice for transitioners is to be content with your hair and to do your best not to compare it to others. That was my downfall during my natural hair journey. It took me awhile to get comfortable wearing my own hair because I kept telling myself it wasn’t long enough or big enough. I kept it hidden under protective styles for so long that I didn’t know what to do with it or how to care for it. I made a conscious effort to stop hiding behind protective styles and mustard up the courage to wear my hair. When I started getting to know my hair better it started to flourish.

NB:What is your staple all natural hair product?

Glycerin, water, and Oyin Handmade Hair Dew(LOVE THIS STUFF)

NB:One word that describes your natural hair

Dense. And I absolutely love it!

Mischara  went to college in NY and then transferred her senior year to a school in Cali where she graduated.

Any questions for Mischara?? Ask them below!! 


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  1. November 25, 2011 / 2:31 am

    I love her hair and she seems to have such a positive attitude! <3 Great interview.

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