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Often times when I talk to someone contemplating on going natural the first thing they complain about is that natural hair is TOO MUCH WORK!!!! They are so emphatic about this that they choose to continue to relax their hair because they think they can’t maintain the hair in its natural state. 

What we have to remember as naturals is that even though it’s fun and exciting to try new products, techniques and styles, the key to natural, healthy hair a low maintenance regimen. 

According to an article I read on Naturally Elegant entitled: Is Natural Hair Too Much Work?, a vblogger on Youtube went natural and then reverted back to relaxing her hair (happens all the time). 

Some of the reason’s the vblogger stated for going back to relaxers after being natural were: ” (1)she was tired of looking busted (2)she did not like the Buckwheat look (3)she did not like the length that it was at (4)she felt it was too much work.” 

Now, these reasons are very common in our society because we all have a look that we are trying to maintain. When we change our look to a more natural state we then challenge our mind to accept that new beauty that hasn’t been explored before. 

Many women can’t accept this, and like the vblogger, they revert back to something that’s comfortable for them, which is a relaxer. I think that in the natural hair community we have to first change our thought process of what beauty is. To me (and it’s different for everyone) beauty is something that of course comes from within, which means that it doesn’t matter how you wear your hair. However, if you want to truly be “natural” it isn’t necessarily about changing your hair it’s about first changing your outlook and about accepting the way God has created you, with naturally curly or kinky hair!

For those naturals out there who want to maintain a low maintenance regimen and avoid the “Natural hair is too much work” phenomenon try these tips!

1. Find your staple products! 

Have a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and styling product that you go to no matter no what. This will cut the guessing game down to a minimum. It’s fine to try something new every now and then but keep it simple by always having your go to products at arms reach. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT turn into a product junkie! It’s so not worth it (been there, done that. lol SAVE YOUR MONEY! Your pockets will thank you later)

2.Shrinkage can be the bane of our existence for most naturals. To keep from styling your hair constantly try to keep your hair as stretched as possible. Twist outs or braid outs will help in this process because hair is more manageable when stretched. You can do more protective styles such as buns, or up-do’s! 

3.Start a routine. 

This might sound corny, but make a natural hair calendar for yourself and stick to it! I’ve done the hard work for you: Click here to see my natural hair calendar suggestion.

Alright, beauties! That’s all for now. What are your thoughts on natural hair being too much work? Have you figured out a simplified regimen that you would like to share? 

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