Get the look: High Bun with a twist

Hi Beauties!

A few days ago I tried a hair style I came across by fellow Youtuber Ms. Vaughn. She got her inspiration from the season’s most precious staple; a pumpkin! Below is a pictorial and detailed description of how I incorporated this look to match my personal style.

Step 1. For this look you will need a few bobby pins (depending on how thick your hair is), a spray bottle with water, leave in conditioner, eco styler gel and a hard bristle brush.

Step 2. This look is best achieved with semi-stretched hair. So, if you have an old twist out, this is a great go to style.

Step 3. First, part hair horizontally across the middle of scalp. Once you have done this, secure the front with an ouchless hair tie.

Step 4. Once the front of hair is secure, spray a generous amount of water on back of hair and apply leave in conditioner to the ends of your hair. (Giovanni leave in conditioner is a great choice for this)

Step 5. After your hair has absorbed the leave in conditioner add a small amount of eco styler gel to the perimeter of hair. Lightly brush hair and proceed to do a french roll starting with the hair at the nape of your neck.

Step 6. As you roll and tuck hair, secure roll with a few bobby pins. Once hair is able to hold the roll by itself release the hair tie from the remaining her in the front of your head. 

Step 7. Spray the front of your hair with water until lightly damp. After that apply leave in conditioner to the ends and apply eco styler gel to the edges of your hair. For a more effortless look allow gel to be adsorbed by rubbing it in with your fingers. For a more slick look (like my pictures below) use a hard bristle brush and smooth edges. 

Step 8. Combine the left over hair from the roll as well as the hair from the front of your head into a high pony tail that sits directly on top of your head.

Step 9. After hair is secure, proceed to form a loose bun by making a circular formation of pumpkin. Slowly separate hair and find the center of the bun by forming a hole in the middle of the pony tail. Secure this formation with another ouchless hair tie. Once you have made the circular formation tuck in any excess hair with bobby pins.

Step 10. For a more effortless look pull out a few strands of hair along the hairline for a whimsical look! 



That’s all beauties, ten steps to a fantastic, chic QUICK up do! Shout out to Ms. Vaughn for this super cute idea! Take this style and make it your own curlies!

Let me know if you have any questions!


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