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Hi Beauties!! 

I am so excited to announce my hair crush of the week! My friend and blog mentor Christina Brown of Christina is an uptown belle who is an editor by day and fashion blogger by night; not to mention an absolute pleasure to be around. Thanks for the interview lovely! 

Check it out, beauties: 

NB: Song that describes your natural hair.

“I’m A Diva” – Beyonce. My hair is definitely diva-status. It has a mind of its own, always likes to take center stage & command attention and switches up its style regularly.

NB:Finish the following statement: “Natural hair makes me feel”

Free! I love the versatility that comes with natural hair. You can wear it short or long, curly or straight, with or without extensions – I love that aspect of being natural.

NB:What are your natural hair goals?

My natural hair goal is to just be happy regardless of how my hair looks. Of course I’d love waist-length locks but I know that takes time & diligence. So in the mean time, I’m perfectly fine rocking my short cut or my big kinky afro wig. Either way I’m happy.

NB:What’s your transitioning story?

I transitioned from my relaxer for about 2 months before I decided to do my big chop. I couldn’t handle dealing with the two textures so I just chopped it right off.

NB:What is your current natural hair regimen? (What do you do to take care of your hair, ie washing, conditioning etc.)

I currently pre-poo, shampoo & deep condition my hair bi-weekly. I tend to co-wash twice a month and then shampoo twice a month alternating weeks. For my regimen, I section my hair and pre-poo with Vatika oil, water/conditioner mix & twists. I shampoo my hair in twists, rinse, and apply conditioner. Then I sit under my Huetiful steamer for 15 minutes with conditioner and rinse out with cold water. After that I apply leave-in condish, seal with oil, retwist and set it for the night.

NB:Describe your personal style.

I would describe myself as an uptown boheme. I like to mix luxe, sophisticated pieces with a little downtown flair. I love prints, and I’m a sucker for a statement shoe.

NB:What do you do for protective styling?

I actually wear curly wigs a lot. I love them because they’re versatile, and I can protect my hair but still look cute. I can also change up my look whenever I’m bored and not have to worry about taking out/putting in tracks of hair.

NB:I know you’re on the go a lot, what is your go to “clutch” hairstyle?

I don’t really have a go-to, to be honest. I just wear my hair however I feel for that day. One style I do when I don’t have much time is the chunky flat twist pin-up.

NB:Any thing you wish you would’ve known before going natural?

I wish I knew right away what products worked for me! My goodness. I know it’s all apart of the journey, but finding the perfect product for your curls is truly a challenge considering the hundreds of products on the market!.

NB: Anything else you would like to add?

When in doubt, reach for a turban! When I really don’t feel like being bothered (or when I need to do an all-day deep condition and I don’t want anyone to know!), I grab my favorite scarf and make a turban. It’s chic, it’s easy and it gives me a break when I need it.

Where can my readers find you?

Christina graduated from UPENN and currently resides in New York, NY.

Any questions for Christina? Drop them below! 


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