Using frozen Henna

Hi Beauties! 


Since my last henna experience, I haven’t really had the time to experiment with it again. 

However, last Saturday, I had some free time and some left over henna gloss that had been in my freezer for OVER a month! 

I was hesitant about using the henna gloss because I wasn’t sure how long was too long to wait to re use it. I did some research and found that people had different lengths of time that they had waited to use their frozen henna. I couldn’t find a consistent time frame so I went for it and defrosted the gloss. Once defrosted the henna had the same exact consistency it had when I made the initial batch! 

I was super excited to see that it came out just fine and was now even more comfortable to apply it to my hair. I applied the henna from my roots to ends, focusing more on the roots. 

After application I twisted my hair into four sections and covered it in a plastic cap and then with a pink head scarf. I let the henna sit for 4 hours and then rinsed it out. 

My hair was of course soft, more manageable, smoother and less frizzy. These were the same results I got when I previously applied the henna application! I am officially a true believer now.

Even though the application process of henna can seem to be overwhelming and time consuming the end results are so worth the effort. 

My favorite part of using henna is the subtle red strands that I see when my hair hits the light at different angles. I love that my hair is being lightened naturally!! For those of you who don’t want the red shade a simple indiago rinse will get rid of the color. 

So, that’s all beauties! If you have some old, frozen henna don’t be scared to use it! Let it defrost and then apply as you normally would. 

Don’t let a good batch of henna gloss go to waste!!

Check out my full henna gloss tutorial here.


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