5 foods to eat for healthier, thicker, longer hair!

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I’ve been doing some research on exactly what types of foods I should incorporate in my diet to grow thicker, longer hair! After reading tons of articles, I picked the 5 re-occurring foods that will help hair to achieve great lengths. 

1. Salmon – This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12. Not consuming enough omega-3’s in your diet can potentially increase your chances for developing a dry scalp. Being that salmon is also high in protein it will make for shiner, healthier hair. If fish is not your thing, use some ground flaxseed on your food as a substitute.  

2. Dark green vegetables – These vegetables are critical in your diet if you want to grow healthier hair. Dark green vegetables posses tons of calcium, iron, vitamin A and C. The body needs these essential vitamins and nutrients to keep the hair in great shape. 

3. Eggs – (my favorite) Eggs contain not only protein but also biotin and B-12. These nutrients are essential for maintaining all things beauty including hair, skin and nails. 

4. Beans – Eating three or more cups of lentils and beans every week will help you in achieving healthier, longer hair. Beans contain iron, zinc, and biotin. We need biotin in our hair to prevent brittle, dry strands. 

5. Carrots – We know this vegetable is good for our vision, but it’s also an excellent for healthy hair. Carrots are a great source of vitamin A, which promotes a healthy scalp and shiny hair.

Now, that’s a great head of healthy hair: Source

Overall if you maintain a strict diet low in fat, caffeine and alcohol (toughie lol) and high in water and multivitamins you are in a great place of increasing and unlocking your hairs true growth potential! 

What food do you incorporate into your diet for healthier hair?? Fill me in on your secret by dropping a comment below! 

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