Natural Hair Crush of the Week: La’Nisha

Hi Beauties! Introducing you to La’Nisha! We met a couple weeks ago at the Texture on the Runway show and her style, personality and natural hair were striking! I wanted to get her on my blog ASAP to share her natural hair story! Check it out below! 

NB: Introduce yourself

My name is LaNisha Pinkney.  I am 23 year-old-natural diva and mother striving to make my dreams come true.

NB: What is your occupation?

Along with being a full time mother, I currently, work as a Skin Care specialist for Philosophy skin care, makeup artist, and bra fit specialist at a major retailer. I am currently working on becoming a PR rep or advertiser in the beauty/hair industry.

NB: Song that describes your natural hair.

“She’s a bad mama jama” by Carl Carlton

My appreciation for old school music is right up there with the appreciation I have for my naturally kinky hair. When I wear my hair, this song describes exactly how I feel. My walk and stride is confident as if the street were my runway.

“She’s a bad mama jama

Just as fine as she can be, hey

She’s a bad mama jama, oh

Just as fine as she can be

Looks like she’s poured into the gold, she bad

The essence of beauty, ooh, such lovely hair

She’s foxy, classy, oh, sexy, sassy

She’s heavenly, a treat for the eye to see”

NB: Finish the following statement: “Natural hair makes me feel     empowered      .

NB: When did you transition from relaxed to natural?

I have been natural all of my life so I have never been through a transitioning process. My mother forbid it. When I was old enough to decide on a perm I no longer wanted it. However, I did straighten my hair for a long time and did come to grips with wearing my hair natural in my teens and I can now honestly say I AM IN LOVE MY HAIR!

NB: What’s been the most challenging part of being natural?

I would say the upkeep. My hair is THICK and I have a lot of it with a big head! So it can be frustrating at times when I’m tired. Because I never had a relaxer, I don’t know what I would be going back to, so that’s the only challenge for me.

NB: What is your current natural hair regimen? (What do you do to take care of your hair, ie washing, conditioning etc.)

My closet is a beauty supply store in it self so I don’t do the same thing all the time. I am not a big co washer. However, I love deep treatments and masks. I have yet to go the sulfate free route. My favorites use are t-tree tingle shampoo from trader joes and jane carter solution conditioner. I make my own shea butter mixture with grapeseeed, jojoba, avocado, and peppermint oils. This is my leave in. I am a bantu knot girl. When doing these I use Wrap & Roll by Jane Carter on top of my mixture.

NB: Describe your personal style.

I don’t have one. I change my look often. Sometimes I wear wigs! I color my hair. I love being able to be someone else whenever I want. However, I am very girly. I am not a jeans, t shirt, and sneaker girl. I love dressing up. Most know me for wearing loud and blinged out accessories.

NB: What do you do when having a bad hair day?

Wear a wig! Something undetectable.

NB:  What is your go to hairstyle?

Frohawk! Edgy and divalicious! Even with sweats and a jean jacket, I still feel like a bad mama jama.  Just throw on some large hoops and a fly pair of shades and Im ready to go.

NB: Have you experienced any resistance to your natural hair from men? Do they embrace it or fight it?

 It may be intimating at times to strangers. Everyone loves it when you wear your hair with confidence. If you are unsure of yourself others will be too.  Some men may be afraid of what they don’t understand but Ive never had that problem.

NB: In what ways do you incorporate your personal sense of style into styling your natural hair?

Whatever looks good on my youtube gurus, I try. I love all styles.

NB: Craziest thing someone has said about your hair in the street….

“Hi, what kind of hair is that? Bohemian?”

“Hey where did you get your hair from?”

“How many packs is that?”

HATE IT!!!!!

NB: Who is your hair crush?

Corrine Bailey Rae and a new artist Elle varner.

NB: What inspires you to continue on your natural hair journey?

Natural is all I know. I am so thankful to my mother for not following the “crowd” and slapping a perm in my hair, I was able to love and embrace being me, and loving the options that come with having natural, kinky and having healthy hair. Being my son’s first love will inspire him to be attracted to natural beauty as well.

NB: Best natural hair advice you can offer someone who is transitioning.

Anyone who knows me knows what I tell those thinking about going natural. Don’t think that going natural means less work and you can you can just get up and go. It requires maintenance if not more than having permed hair. Our hair is naturally more dry and prone to breakage if not taken care of properly. It is a journey that will start out hard because of not being used to the new detangling process or going through the “weird phase” of natural roots and straight ends and not knowing how to style your hair. But when you maintain it well, you will absolutely love it.

NB: Tell me what makes you naturally glamorous.

The confidence it gives me. Just embracing your natural hair is glamorous in itself.

NB: Anything else you would like to add?

I love you for thinking I was worth being your natural hair crush of the week.


Awww, thanks, La’Nisha!! Your hair is naturally, DOPE! 

Catch up with her at: and

Any questions for La’Nisha?? Drop them below!! 


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  1. Ciera
    February 29, 2012 / 5:54 am

    la'Nisha girl you are just FABULOUS and i love it, do your thing girl we see you!!!

    • Lisa Grant-Snape
      May 8, 2012 / 8:50 pm

      La'Nisha, you are certainly an inspiration to all that want to attain beautiful, healthy & vibrant natural hair – be it long or short! Thanks.

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