6 steps to stop natural hair loss

Hi Beauties,


Seeing daily hair breakage is a natural part of life. Everyone see’s shedding from brushing, styling, washing and combing hair. However, noticeable thinning of a specific area of your hair might need more attention and in some cases a change in your current hair regimen.

Here are some steps to remedy your current hair care regimen to prevent future hair loss:

Step 1 

Read product ingredients. It is imperative that you understand the majority of ingredients in your every day products such as shampoo’s and conditioners. Most main stream products contain tons of harsh chemicals such as sulfates that damage hair and contribute to significant hair loss. If hair is currently shedding drastically, adding a milder shampoo and conditioner to your regimen might help to cut down on the loss of hair. 

Step 2

When massaging shampoo and conditioner into scalp, remember to massage and stimulate the scalp with deep circular motions. Never massage scalp with finger nails; instead use the pads of your fingers to stimulate scalp. 

Step 3

Make an essential oil scalp massage mix that can include any of the following essential oils and concentrations: 5 drops of rosemary oil, 7 drops of peppermint oil, 5 drops of thyme, and about 3-4 TBSP of jojoba and/or sweet almond oil. These essential oils will help to stimulate hair growth and prevent future shedding. 

Step 4 

Be sure to stick to a strict deep conditioning regimen every single week. Deep conditioning treatments provide in depth treatments for weak hair and contributes to preventing hair loss. Treatments will give hair moisture. 

Step 5

If you can, try to go comb-less or brush-less. Allow the majority of your styling to be done with your fingers. This will allow you to lose less hair during the styling process. 

Step 6

Take vitamin supplements that will enhance hair growth such as triple strength fish oil tablets. Keep in mind that low levels of biotin, iron, vitamin B, vitamin A and riboflavin all contribute to dry, weak hair. 

That’s all for now, beauties! Do you have any tips on how to cut down on hair loss? Sound of below! 


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