HELP! How do I maintain my natural hair while working out?!?!

Hi Beauties! 

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How many of you out there struggle with the constant battle of working out weekly while trying your best to maintain your natural hair? If you have a strict, intense workout routine does your hair get ruined because of the daily sweat? 

Are you thinking, “Going to the gym to mess up my fresh do? Not me. Not today.”

Well, here are some things to think about if you want the freedom of working out and not worrying about your natural hair. 

First, do your low impact workout routine closer to your wash day. For instance, if your wash day is generally on a Saturday save your 10 mile running session for that morning. During the week, try more low intensive workouts such as yoga or Pilates. 

Second, come up with a workout routine that coincides with your natural hair regimen. This means the two days you usually co-wash your hair should line up with the two days you do most of your cardio. Since you sweat the most when you do cardio workouts, it makes perfect sense to co-wash your hair that day and do a wash and go style post work out. 

Thirdly, if your hair is pressed, before working out secure hair in a high bun and a sweat band to keep your hair line from puffing up too badly. If your rocking a twist out, try twisting your hair into large sections and securing in a loose pony tail. This will keep the definition of the twist out post workout. 

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Lastly, try your best to work out in a cool climate. In most parts of the country it’s still cool outside in the morning time. Try to do some of your workouts outside. This will prevent hair from frizzing too much. If outside is not an option, try working out by a fan or vent in your gym! This should help hair from getting extremely PUFFY! 

That’s all for now, beauties! Remember, whatever you do, DO NOT ALLOW YOUR HAIR TO DETERMINE IF YOU GO TO THE GYM OR NOT! If anything, you should work out as much as possible, because regular exercising promotes healthy hair growth!

What do you do to maintain your natural hair while working out?!

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  1. March 14, 2012 / 6:52 pm

    Great post! When I want to do some intense workouts [especially after Ive beenslacking] I opt for protective styles, like the one I have now – braids!

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