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Meet Michael and get to know his personal thoughts on natural hair…

NB: In your opinion, what role does hair play in assessing your initial attraction to a woman?

A woman’s hair plays a good amount of a role in my first initial attraction to women…to an extent. I am the kind of guy that when I am attracted to a woman, I picture her bald to see the true beauty in her face. A woman’s hair is one of the main attributes that distinguish her from a man however, it is also an accessory. Moreover, it is suppose to complement the true beauty in her face and also convey her style. Granted, there has been times where I’ve been drawn to a woman due to her hair however, to continue the relationship, the face will always come first.

NB: Why do you think so many women are going natural? Do you think the trend will fade?

In light of there being a trend of women going natural, I think women are finding many unique ways to display their independence and be different. Indeed, the natural look shows a woman is real, strong, proud, and ambitious. Consequently, as men, we see that and applaud you for not confining to what society says is beautiful but what you tell yourself is beautiful.

I certainly hope it doesn’t but we all know how trends are so hopefully this trend goes on for a very long time.

NB: It has been researched that most black men prefer their women with natural hair; however, they prefer the woman’s hair to be straight. What is your opinion on this finding?

Needless to say, that statement is true to an extent. One reason may be what society tells us or what we see amid our environment, another may be due to straight hair looks “cleaner” which is not true. When a man sees straight hair, it’s sleek, basic, one pattern so it’s simple while natural hair on the other hand is unique, and comes in different size and shapes hence difficult to comprehend sometimes. Point I am trying to make is people are more incline to take the simple basic route instead of choosing a new path and trying something new.

NB: How do you feel about satin bonnets, scarf’s and other nighttime protective tools that natural women use to maintain their hair at night? Are these items problematic to you?

I have no problem with it at all. We all have a routine we all go through to maintain our look and have good hygiene. Every woman from every culture has similar cases however, it just looks different than others. The items are harmless to me.

NB: Are you opposed to dating a woman who gets a relaxer or who wears a weave?

I don’t discriminate on women who get a relaxer or wears a weave however, I would like to know where her mindset is on it and if she feels she needs it or just doing it for public image.

NB: Describe your personal style.

My style is a display of the many places I have lived in my life so it’s a bit of African, European, and New York specifically Brooklyn. I am not consumed to one style and it has definitely changed as I have grown as a person. I can go from wearing a nice suit for work to some plain Levis and v-neck for brunch on a weekend. I’m a strong believer in the phrase that first impression is everything so I make sure my clothes are fit and clean.

NB: What are some of your favorite hair care products?

I don’t really have any specific hair products, just some regular hair gel and shampoo. I get a haircut every two weeks to keep it nice and clean.

NB: Why do you think some women with natural hair have a perception that most black men don’t accept or appreciate their natural hair (specifically if she chooses to wear a tiny afro, large afro or any other afro centric style)?

Well, in terms of Western culture, it goes back to the way society is and how it perceives a woman should look. Society has the power to tell us what to wear, read, watch, and even what to like. Nonetheless it is up to the individual to be strong enough to break that will and decide what he or she wants. I have been to many countries in Africa and Europe where men flock to women with natural short hair. So, all that being said, you can’t fully blame black men about what they have been exposed to or told what is good or bad but you can blame them for being close-minded to someone else’s beliefs by being a follower and not having his own opinions.  

NB: If you were to have a daughter how would you want her to wear her hair?

Depends on how SHE wants to wear it.  I’m all about self expression and being creative. I want my daughter to know that her hair does not represent who she is as a person from a young age. If she comes to me one day and says I want to cut all my hair off, I will make sure first she understands the risk and rewards and if she is really passionate in doing it, then I am all for it….as long as it tidy and clean. Good hygiene comes first!

NB: Do you think it’s unattractive for a woman to spend too much time, money & energy maintaining her hair? (Whether it is natural or relaxed)

 A woman should feel like she can hop out of bed, make her hair tidy, and go on with her life. That time and money can be used in a more significant way to help the body like eating healthy and making sure its in a good state relative to just the hair. But if it has to do with your career, profession, or you just love hair and are passionate about it so much then that is a different story. 

NB: Favorite natural hair celebrity & why?

Hands down Lauryn Hill. Personally, she was the definition of natural hair. She rocked all the different natural hair styles with elegance and confidence. She made her hair change as she changed as a person and not vice versa. And lastly, she embodied the natural hair fully and realized that she is beautiful either way.


 NB: Do you agree that some women of color notice the men who disapprove of their natural hair more than the brotha’s who actually embrace and appreciate her in a more natural state? If yes, what do you think are the first steps to fixing this problem?

Yes, but first that’s just human instincts. We are more likely to remember the criticisms than the compliments.  In terms of the first steps to facilitating this problem is the person themselves. We have to be strong and resilient enough to not let the situation affect them. Second, we need to come together and take initiative as a community to mitigate it and start teaching the new generation of young adults what is the right way. If we can start young and continue all the way to their adult’s life and continue instilling what is right and apparent despite of what the society and media says its right – then subsequently – we will reach a breakthrough point.

NB: Is there anything else you wish women knew about how men truly feel about natural hair?

Don’t suffice to society demands. Don’t let your hair define you, make it part of who you are and embrace it. Your hair is one of the most beautiful aspects in your body and we love it. But when we start seeing you care more about your hair than other important things in our life, that’s when it becomes ugly. Going forward, don’t be scare to take risks on your hair, try something new, learn about other culture hairstyles and see how you can incorporate it into your style. Men love unique features in women physically and mentally that separates them from others. Find what is unique in you  become the best person you want to be in life.

NB: Anything else you would like to add?

“It’s silly when girls sell their soul because it’s in
Look at where you be in hair weaves like Europeans
Fake nails done by Koreans
Come again”

– Lauryn Hill’s Doo Wop(That Thing)

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    His interview was much better than a few others ive seen. thank god. I like this man.

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