How make a BLOWOUT last longer!

Hi Beauties!

Happy Thursday!! I am on day 8 of my blowout that I got done at Hair Rules Salon for my birthday. I was able to maintain my pressed hair without retouching after leaving the salon! Here are some tips and tricks on how you too can make your pressed hair last longer than 4 days! 

1. Always wrap your hair.

From the moment I walk into my apt, I run to my room and grab my paddle brush and begin to wrap my hair and secure it with pins. I then tie my wrap with a silk scarf and throw on my silk cap for added protection. I know this sounds like a lot but this is the only way to ensure that your roots don’t puff and start to swell. I came across this awesome tutorial on how you can achieve the best wrap or what Dominican’s refer to as a “Doobie.”

Check out the article here: Dominican Doobie

2. Shower smartly.

This might sound silly but it is critical that you keep your hair wrapped and covered while taking a shower. Even though it’s wrapped it can still swell. So, you will need to keep your scarf and silk bonnet on. Let’s be real…even throw on that shower cap for added protection from the water and steam. Trust me, this will prevent frizziness in the end.

3.Get the most out of your straight hair.

After day 5 it’s almost impossible to maintain the same level of straightness you had days prior but that doesn’t mean your hair is done being fablous! Try half up, half down styles, messy buns and unique up do’s.

My signature braid down the middle and high bun.

4.LESS PRODUCT is better.

Don’t get the urge to combat frizz with added product. Your hair is bound to frizz and swell eventually, so just let it happen and try your best to hide it with a cool style. The more product you put in your straight hair the more weighed down and oily it will become. 

Check out these pictures from birthday dopeness!


It was the perfect day to take a helicopter ride around the city!

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