Natural Hair Crush Of The Week: Kiala

Hi Beauties! 

Introducing this week’s natural hair crush, Kiala! 

Check out her inspirational story below: 

NB: Introduce yourself

I am Kiala Lindsey, a 23 year old graduate student at the
University of Florida. I am open minded and love trying new things. I enjoy
traveling with my friends and family – we are going to Europe for 5 weeks this
summer I am so excited about that. I am really easy going and care free. I am a
social butterfly and enjoy being around people.  I have a dog names Dolce – he might as well be a child, whom
I enjoy putting in my purse and exploring new places with.

NB: What is your occupation?

I am a graduate student studying health administration. This
fall I will be a Health Care Advisor for PwC!

NB: Song that describes your natural hair.

Young –n- wild –n- free

I don’t worry about anything and enjoy what life gives me!

NB: Finish the following statement: “Natural hair makes me
feel          .

Unrestricted  –
I am most comfortable and most myself

NB:When did you transition from relaxed to natural?

About 7 years ago

NB:What’s been the most challenging part of being natural?

The dryness and the excessive breakage

NB:What is your current natural hair regimen? (What do you do
to take care of your hair, ie washing, conditioning etc.)

Usually I wash it 2 -3 times a week. I deep condition it at
least once a week. In between washes I wet it and will put some leave in
conditioner in it. There is also this light oil by Kerastase, its phenomenal
when you need light moisture!

NB: Describe your personal style.

I am very versatile. Once day I might be trendy with six
inch heels and the next somewhat hippie with flats and a crop top with a flower
in my hair, whatever my mood is, I go with.

NB:What do you do when having a bad hair day?

 Put a little
water in it and tie it back, that usually makes it better…it usually cooperates a little more the next

NB:Any thing you wish you would’ve known before

The dryness and the breakage. There was a big discrepancy in
the texture too which was often hard to camouflage.

NB: What is your go to hairstyle?

Just out and wild.

NB:Have you experienced any resistance to your natural hair
from men? Do they embrace it or fight it?

I would say absolutely no resistance, and surprisingly I
think men – regardless of race and/or age, etc, are intrigued by it. It is
often the conversation starter & ice breaker. Too I think people see my
hair and me and feel somewhat comfortable because they see how easy going and
approachable I am.

NB: What is your favorite part about being natural?

…no hair troubles in the morning. I wake –n- shake and I
love it! It’s one less worry in my day. Its perfect for every season and
weather. If its humid I may use a little gel but I can honestly say that my
hair is the least of my worries.

NB: In what ways do you incorporate your personal sense of
style into styling your natural hair?

…sometimes I will accent it with fun accessories that I feel
are somewhat trendy and fun, but for the most part, my hair out and about with
no restrictions describes me perfectly.

NB: Craziest thing someone has said about your hair in the

…outside of the typical, ‘your hair is gorgeous…you look
like a mini scary spice,’ I’d have to say THE most outrageous thing I’ve heard
is, “I hope my wife has hair like you” …wow

NB: Who is your hair crush?

Alicia Keys…the bigger the better!

NB: What inspires you to continue on your natural hair

…my hair describes me, its versatile, and I’m most
comfortable in it.

NB: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve encountered during
your transition from relaxed to natural?

The dryness which leads to breakage…it’s a battle every
woman hates to fight.

NB: Best natural hair advice you can offer someone who is

Moisturize MOISTURIZE moisturize … and stay strong…its worth
it in the end

NB: Tell me what makes you naturally glamorous.

My attitude…I’m an extreme optimist who can find the good in
the worst situation and I am pretty good at encouraging others to find the
light too!

NB:Anything else you would like to add?

I think this blog is great! I am excited that there is a
place that [natural] women can use as a resource for products and ideas for
what to do with their hair in any given situation. I look forward to using some
of the suggestions and plan on trying some of the different styles for natural

Thanks so much doing this interview Kiala! I love your natural hair & beautiful spirit! 

Questions for Kiala? Sound off below! 


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