Natural Hair in Corporate America: Is it Taboo?

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Have you ever struggled with styling your hair for a job interview or daily styling for work? 

Do you find yourself limiting your natural hair to just buns, or chic up-do’s, or a blow out? 

In most corporate companies, no matter how refined your hair might look someone will always judge or fear what they do not know. 

Your natural hair is an extension of you. Be it short, big, puffy, frizzy, long, curly, kinky coily…it’s who YOU are. Embrace it starting today.

Don’t cover up who you are in the workplace because you “think you’re pleasing someone.” Sure, corporate America is use to seeing what society deems as acceptable, which is “straight hair.” However, if that’s not who you are then don’t succumb to the pressure of making your hair look acceptable in societies eyes.

Dare to be different and express yourself through your hair. It is an extension of you. 

I know, I know…some of you are bankers on wall street or in a field that requires your dresscode/hair to be done a certain way to be taken seriously and to exude a level of professionalism.

However, I believe the reason why natural hair is taboo in some corporate
companies is because we need more role models/powerful  women of influence to start wearing their natural hair in the workplace. 

My girl! Rhanna Gittens



This is a tough question and will be debated for some time to come but it just takes a few people to start the wave! If you’re in a position of power, and it’s “taboo” for you to rock your natural texture, take a leap of faith and do what makes you most comfortable. 

Put yourself in a position of power and decide today to make your natural hair your strength


Why do you think natural hair is taboo in corporate America?

Chime in below ladies!


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  1. April 3, 2012 / 3:16 am

    Great topic! I began thinking about this when I read this article about Viola Davis, who wore her natural hair out on the red carpet: (

    I used to be skeptical about the way I wore my hair in professional or formal settings and would try to pull it back to draw attention from it, but now, I have grown to accept it just the way it is.

    I think it's a deeper matter of adjusting to change. I don't know why we often view things that are different as negative, but like you said, if we had more powerful natural-haired role models to step up in the workplace, it would become a norm and people would eventually accept it.

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