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It’s often times a battle to style curly or kinky short hair aka a “twa” or Teenie Weenie Afro. It can be challenging to manipulate the hair to form frizz free coils just the way you like them! If you have very tight,  curly, kinky, short hair, I have some natural hair styling tips that will make your styling regimen a whole lot easier! 

How to manipulate your natural curl pattern:

Naturally, we want to brush, comb and finger through our hair to enhance our natural curl pattern. Sure, this works for some hair types, but very short, tight and curly hair prefers your hands off!  
Try this: 

Comb through hair with a wide-toothed shower comb after shampooing. Proceed to condition with a deep conditioning mask with heat. After, rinse hair thoroughly with cold water to seal in the moisture. Once hair is rinsed thoroughly, apply a dime size amount of anti-frizz serum (my favorite phytolisse). 

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For a wet and go look apply leave-in conditioner directly after. Allow hair to air dry.  By utilizing this combination of products curls will have a natural hold and be less prone to frizzing and puffing up. 

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How to enhance your natural curl pattern:

Right after you have big chopped sometimes you come to the realization that you don’t have the exact curl pattern that you were hoping for OR you have multiple textures and your not quite sure how to style your hair. To enhance your curl pattern and create the illusion of tight curls try this technique:

How to maintain your curl pattern during the week:

An anti frizz serum is imperative to have in your product basket. Ensure that the product has silk proteins as these help prevent and reduce frizz in your hair, leaving curls tight & most importantly frizz free!

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Questions about how to maintain your twa? Sound off below! 


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