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The weather is finally being somewhat consistent here in NYC! I see the summer light at the end of a dark tunnel!! 

Summer can be a great time for naturals to experiment with tons of new, flexible hair styles to enhance their natural curl pattern.

If you’re a natural who loves to straighten in the winter to take advantage of the great weather then summer is the PERFECT time to let your hair release its natural curl pattern by trying a multitude of curl enhancing hairstyles.

Here are some of my favorite go-to techniques in the summer:

1. Three strand twist out

This technique might sound more daunting that it actually is. But in fact, once you get the hang of it and you’ve practiced it a few times it becomes easy. Your results will give you SUPER enhanced curls with tons of volume for the summer months! Check out one of my favorite Youtube stars giving a tutorial on this amazing style:

2. Flexi Rod Twist Out

This technique can be extremely time consuming & I really only recommend it for special occasions. I love this technique because it gives a classy more defined look. You can wear it to an event that might be more formal for a more dressed up appeal (a summer wedding or first date). It usually takes me at least two hours to rod my entire head and then another two hours to dry….YES, it’s that real. So, only go for this if you have the time! Check out a tutorial on this below.

3. My go-to favorite..never fails me Flat Twist Out

This is a great year round style, but in the summer time try it with different products for a different effect on your curl pattern. In the colder months I use wrapping lotion because I get the most definition this way and my style lasts for at least 5 days. In the summer go for more buttery products that have a creamy feel that will give your hair tons of moisture in the humid months! This can even give your twist out a more chunky appeal, which looks amazing!

Even though this is not a flat twist out, it’s a regular twist out that gives voluminous chunky results! Check it out!

What are some of your go to summer curl enhancing techniques? Please share below!! 


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  1. June 3, 2012 / 11:49 am

    My go to curl enhancing technique is definitely the flat twist out. It's simple and takes the least amount of time. However, the two-strand twist out method has been giving me great results as well. I'd love to see my twist out results if I use wrapping lotion so that will be in the works.

    I love flexi rod sets as well. It only takes me 30-45 minutes to rod my whole head. Drying takes about 1 and 30 minutes. I'm sure if I had a better dryer it would be faster.

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