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The key to achieving stronger, longer natural hair is to start with a healthy scalp! According to an article published by Dr. Marta Rendon, a celebrity dermatologist for Head & Shoulders®, more than 50% of people suffer from dandruff at least once in their life, making it the most common of all scalp problems.

To combat dandruff and regain a healthy scalp again follow these healthy scalp tips provided by  Dr. Rendon:

Shampoo hair for a healthy scalp

“Shampooing is the
easiest and most effective way to clean your scalp and keep it healthy,”
says Dr. Rendon. “The shampooing action invigorates follicles, reduces
the excessive sebum buildup that can lead to dandruff and oiliness, and
prevents excess skin from accumulating on the scalp.”

Massage for a Healthy Scalp
Did you know that massaging your scalp can help relieve scalp problems such as dandruff? First, wash your hair with 

Head & Shoulders Ocean Lift Shampoo,
which rejuvenates your hair and scalp with a sea mineral essence.
Massage the shampoo into your scalp for a minute or two to help loosen
dead skin cells and increase circulation to the scalp. Rinse, and then
follow with Head & Shoulders Ocean Lift Conditioner to maintain protection for your hair and scalp.

How to Avoid Scalp Problems
Besides using the right hair-care products, eating well and getting
regular exercise are two things that can help you maintain a healthy
scalp. “Bad nutrition — including crash diets — has been shown to have a
negative impact on hair quality and may even cause hair loss,” says Dr.
Rendon. Consume a balanced diet that includes zinc, B vitamins,
essential fatty acids, biotin, protein
and iron to help promote lustrous
locks and a healthy scalp.


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