17 reasons why coconuts aren’t just good for your hair

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Came across this informative article via healing.about.com that gives multiple reasons why coconut isn’t JUST for natural hair moisture. Check out all the other nutritional benefits of coconuts. 

1. There are times when your body fills up with heat-induced toxins.
This causes the Ph levels in the deeper digestive system to fall,
leading to severe hyperacidity. That is when coconut steps in to heal.
Because it’s anuloman in nature, capable of getting all the toxins
downward and helping to purify the digestive system of it tender coconut
balances acid levels and cools the system. This makes it superior to
other herbs and fruits which can cool down hyperacidic toxins, but do
not flush it out of the system.

2. Ayurveda considers coconut a natural stress-buster.

3. Coconut cools a sub-energy called sadhaka pitta, which is associated with emotions.

4. Combined with spices like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves,
garlic cumin, coriander, and turmeric, coconut is not only delicious and
versatile, but also heals the digestive system and promotes better

5. The juice of tender coconut has been billed the world’s safest natural soft drink, for being a nutritious thirst-quencher.

6. Combined with poppy seeds and ghee, coconut can help you sleep better!

7. Coconut has keshya properties. It improves hair quality. In
Southern India, women apply coconut oil to their hair every day, which
gives them long, lustrous locks.

8. Coconut is good for curing diarrhea related to aggravation of the blood tissues.

9. Due to its soma-enhancing or nurturing value, coconut heals hot
flashes and restores emotional stability in menopausal women.

10. Coconut improves complexion. You can make coconut-based skin packs
at home. Vaidya Mishra suggests mixing coconut oil with oatmeal powder
and a little bit of lavender flower powder to make a soothing facial

11. A burning sensation in hands and feet is cooled down by drinking
coconut water/milk. All you have to do is, make a paste of crushed
middle aged coconut and apply it on hands and feet.

12. Coconut is an excellent wound healer, especially effective on scars.

13. Hiccups due to heat imbalance are also eased by coconut water.

14. If you have urine retention from heat, then coconut water helps.
Similarly, liver problems, hepatitis or inflammation are also soothed by
drinking tender coconut water.

15. There is a word called karshan meaning that which supports the
body to stay slim by enhancing fat metabolism. Vaidya Mishra says recent
research suggests that coconut is good for burning fat and lowering
cholesterol. It is clearly written in Ayurveda that the oil has karshan

16. Coconut helps detoxify.

17. It is delicious!

According to a recent article published by US Weekly, Rihanna attributes her toned midriff to her recent diet &
coconut water!


Rihanna continues to say in the article, “I wasn’t drinking enough water before, and I love coconut water, it hydrates me just as much as regular water so it really started to affect my diet and the way my body was shaping up.

Read more from the songstress here


Would you add coconut water to your diet for a healthier way of losing weight? Sound off below!


Photo Credit: US Weekly



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