Fall Hair Care Tips for Natural Hair

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It’s that time again when the the air starts to get a bit cooler and we run for our fall boots and leather jackets! Where fashion is EVERYTHING and having the perfect “do” to compliment the look is critical! Similar to the summer season, as naturals, we must go the extra mile to take care of our tresses. In the summer time, hair might be a little more manageable because like the fashion, our hair styles are usually easy breezy and low maintenance. The fall/winter season could be a little more tricky as the atmosphere tends to DRY out our hair (bummer,) Let’s not forget this fall season some major tips to have healthy, shiny and manageable hair!

Summer to Fall Hair Natural Hair Care Tips:

1. Pick products that pack enough moisture to keep your tresses shiny and soft. Try these:

-Curl Junkie Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment
-DevaCare One Condition
-Jerricurl Too Shea
-Qhemets Biologics
-Aubrey Organics Honey Sucks Rose (MY FAVE)
-Herbal Essence’s Hello Hydration

2. Seal moisture with emollients. (Natural emollients nourish skin & hair Try these:

-100 raw organic Shea Butter
-Castor oil
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Argan Oil
-Avacado Oil

*You can mix any of the above emollients together for your favorite winter time mix to seal moisture and add shine to your hair!

3. At all costs avoid humectants in the winter! 

Some of the most common humectants include honey, glycerin, panthenol and wheat protein! All things we use in the summer time for our hair. However, during the winter months humectants draw the moisture from our strands into the even dryer atmosphere.

Do you have a natural hair regimen for the fall/winter season? Share below what helps you out the most! 

Hope this helps, beauties!



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