10 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

I don’t know about you guys but it’s been absolutely freezing in NYC for the past 5 months.

Being raised in Florida, I’m a natural sunshine lover. This is my third winter in NYC and I’m officially OVER it. We’ve had freezing rain, Nor’easters, winter storms and state of emergency’s because of this weather.

Talk about bad hair days and lack of motivation to do something cute or (dare I say) try something new (bun girl all day everyday over here).

This post is dedicated to all of you out there who feel me on this awful winter season. If you’re tired of bundling up, blasting your heat and not having any cute hair styles, I’ve got 10 ways for you to beat the winter blues and get through the remainder of the season in some other fun ways.

Check it out:

1. Clothes Matter: 
Nothing like some new cute winter gear…boots, scarves, hats, vests…etc.Online shopping is good for the soul! Get a bright scarf or some funky boots to help you get through winter with a smile!

2. Comfort Foods: 
This might be my favorite of them all! I love cooking…I think of it as my therapy. I’ve pretty much stayed in the kitchen the past few months whipping up meals for my friends and having good bonding time!

3. Game Night:
Nothing like a fun planned or impromptu game night to get you through your third winter storm of the season!

Had a fun night out in Times Square at Dave & Busters!

4. Making the best:
As awful and depressing as winter can be there is also something very special and whimsical about fresh snow on tree branches and how beautiful it makes a city like NYC look (for the first 5 minutes, before all the attempt of cleaning it up begins.)

5. Book Club:
I was lucky enough to join in on a friends book club last month and it was a phenomenal experience bonding with beautiful, strong, educated women! We read Caucasia by Danzy Senna.

6. Skype It:
Winter time is the best time to catch up with friends and family who might not be near and get some quality facetime with them. Skype is the perfect platform for some winter loving with those you don’t get to see often!

7. Work Out:
This winter, I’ve started working on my consistency in the gym (6 wks in, 4-5 days a wk avg). Doing pretty good and feeling like I’m getting closer to my goal every day.

Nike Free’s!

8. Decorate something:
Last weekend, I was totally inspired to build a vanity for my room. I’ve been planning on doing this for about 2 years now and I finally got my vision together and executed! Talk about in love!

9. Fresh Flowers: 
Flowers are the perfect way to brighten up any room and remind your that spring is just a few months away! 

Courtesy of the perfect guy.

10. Don’t be a hermit! 
Go out with friends in your neighborhood, keep it local and fun! Go on a day trip or plan a trip that works well with the weather like skiing!

This past weekend in Jersey!

What are some fun things you do to help you beat the winter blues? 

Let me know below! 




  1. February 19, 2014 / 5:13 am

    Getting dressed is a definite, you can do a lot of layers in the winter!
    I really like your workout shoes!
    And I've been trying to decorate my bedroom, it's a work in progress,but I think it's coming together!

  2. October 19, 2014 / 6:52 am

    Hmm, very healthy, I will follow some of your rules 🙂

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