8 ways to practice gratitude all year round

Thanksgiving is in T-minus 6 days & 22 hours (not counting or anything..) and I know many of us use this time as a way to reflect on what we’re thankful for whether it be friends, family or even love. After next Thursday many of us will forget about the gratitude we were filled with on Thanksgiving Day and it’ll be the furthest thing from our minds.

But how can we use this feeling of gratitude that we currently feel during Thanksgiving and spread it throughout the year? How can we practice gratitude every single day?

Here are 8 ways that I think we can show gratitude and thankfulness year round!

1. Tell someone you know that they inspire you.

2. Have a gratitude jar.

3. Have a daily journal where you write one sentence a day about what you’re thankful for.

4. Practice genuinely saying thank you—not the robotic thank you that we all use every day at work, but that genuine from the bottom of your heart thank you…..with a smile.

5. Be thankful for experiences that you didn’t want to go through or things that you never wanted to happen that happened anyway. This is often times when we grow the most.

6. Be thankful for the lowest of low moments and the highest of highs (because without the low’s the high’s wouldn’t be as sweet).

7. Read inspirational books on gratitude. This is the trustiest way to surround yourself with positivity on a daily basis. The Alchemist anyone?

8. Every day you open your eyes, be thankful. Every day you get to open your eyes is a new chance at living life and living it fully. There is so much beauty that surrounds you, learn to appreciate it every single day.

Journey beautifully friends!

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