Top 5: Things To Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner

When someone special invites you to Thanksgiving dinner this year show your appreciation by bringing something with you! There’s nothing worse than coming to a dinner empty handed–so put down the mac & cheese and pick up something a little different that everyone will be sure to remember. Here’s my list of 5 things that will have you looking like the shining star at dinner!

1. Dessert
There can never be enough dessert options at dinner right? Pumpkin pie, apple pie, pecan pie…the list goes on and on. Try something new by picking up a dessert that’s a little different from your local bakery or try making something a little unique. How about this delicious Jamaican Rum Cake? Sweet, light and has the perfect amount of fruit!

2. Fall Bouquet
Showing up with a fresh, beautiful fall bouquet for the host is always a plus. Sometimes there’s just too much food and dessert and nothing say’s happy Thanksgiving like a colorful arrangement of flowers. The host will love this!

3. Wine
If the host is anything like me then she will LOVE that you brought wine to dinner. Picking up a couple special bottles of wine for the event is a very nice touch. Pinot Noir & Sauvignon Blanc are really nice Thanksgiving classics and will please any wine connoisseur. 

4. Camera
This might seem like a weird thing to be on the list. But bringing your camera and capturing all the special moments of the evening and then printing hard copies (I love artifact uprising) and sending it to the host will be a very special gift that will be appreciated. Everyone wants the holiday’s documented but often times we get too caught up in the festivities to really capture all the moments. You could even take some footage and add some music to the clip and upload the video to youtube so everyone can enjoy!

5. Candles
Go with something light and not overly seasonal. A scent that the host can light when dinner is over and it’s time to unwind. Joe Malone is a great option!

No matter what you decide to bring, make it a thoughtful gift and enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner!


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  1. November 17, 2014 / 7:51 pm

    Great list! I can pull together all but the dessert!

    • November 17, 2014 / 7:55 pm

      Thank you!! The dessert is a little stretch! But fun & different if you have the time to make! I'm Jamaican so I had to sneak that one in there 🙂

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