29 Things to Remember for the New Year by Brooke Saward


This article posted by Brooke Saward on worldofwanderlust stuck out to me because of the amazing quote used in #29….read below for the small reminders she wants you to keep in mind for the new year.

1. Choose a narrow path. The
sooner you pinpoint exactly what you want to achieve in your life, what
you want your legacy to be, the sooner it will happen for you. Don’t
choose the well beaten path; create your own. Dare to be different and
aim for the moon (in order to reach the stars).

2. Embrace change. If
life were consistent and without ups and downs, it would be boring,
bleak and monotone. We’re here to dodge bullets, get back up when we’re
kicked down and make decisions for ourselves. It’s all about building
your character. Never fear change, it could be exactly what you need.

3. Its okay to eat cereal for dinner. You only live once…

4. Own your mistakes. The
only way to learn is to make mistakes. The only way to learn from
mistakes is to own them. You’ll be surprised how much people will value
you for owning your mistakes, no matter how small your role in them. 

5. Appreciate what you have before you ask for more. Because there is always someone worse off than you.

6. Take care of your body. It’s
the only place you have to live. But never forget you don’t have a
body, you have a soul. Your exterior will never define your interior.

7. Who you are is not what you have; its what you do with what you have. Ever
noticed how some of the happiest people in the world have the least? It
isn’t about what you have (material things or achievements), but what
you decide to do with that. Your life is your legacy. How do you want to
be remembered?

8. Be Loyal. In love, friendships, and most importantly with your family. Stay true to your word.

9. Laugh more.

10. Words are powerful. It takes just two to commit your life to another. Words are powerful – choose them wisely.

11. You can never be over educated. Want
to learn another language? Its better late than never. Thinking about
taking art classes? You never know what it will lead to. You are only
limited by your choices.

12. Be gracious. Be humble. Be kind.

13. Live in a new place. You will be surprised as to just how much our surrounds shape us.

14. Live within your means. Life isn’t about keeping up with the Jones’s.

15. Have an opinion. Voice it, engage in healthy debate, but never be rigid and close-minded.

16. Be proud. Credit
where credit is due. Learn to welcome compliments and accept them – by
doing so you will provide value to them and soak them up like a sponge.
It will lead to better work in the future.

17. Accept criticism. But
know when to distinguish between constructive criticism and a genuine
insult. If someone insults you, it says more about them than it could
ever say about you.

18. Get outdoors more.

19. Spend time with anyone older than you. Age
= experience. Experience = wisdom. Spend time with your grandparents
and ask questions. No one stays on this earth forever – make the most of
the time you have.

20. Be honest. People will value your opinion if it is raw, honest and made with consideration.

21. Don’t give money, give your time. There is no greater gift than your time.

22. Take a day off. Do something you have always wanted to do. By yourself. 

23. Track your finances better. 

24. Work hard(er). Set your goals higher and higher… your limits are only those you believe to be true.

25. Smile at strangers.

26. Keep a journal. Sometimes
the best way to clear your mind and keep a clear vision is to jot down
your thoughts at the end of the day or week. Consider what you did, who
you met, how you felt, what was on your mind. Think outside the box and
sort through your thoughts rather than offloading your troubles onto
someone else.

27. Escape into a film. Bad
day? Don’t dwell on it. Escape to someone else’s reality or jump inside
a fiction. Two hours later you’ll have forgotten the trivialities.

28. You are the company you keep. If
your friends aren’t bringing joy into your life, maybe you’ve outgrown
them. Don’t be afraid to make new friends that understand you (and where
you’re at in life right now). Adapt. Change. Learn. Grow. Evolve.

29. You’ll never be as young as you are right now.

Her articles are amazing! This is awesome inspriation for the new year! 

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