My Staple Makeup Items

I don’t do that many beauty posts, but I decided today to share with you my top make up items that I absolutely cannot live without. Some of these items I’ve been using for years and others I’ve recently been introduced to. In any case they have become staples in my beauty regime and I just had to share! Hoping that sharing these amazing gems will help to steer someone out there looking to add some newness to their collection in the right direction. Check them out below!

1. Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Walnut – Oil Free

This stuff is amazing! I’ve never before found a tinted moisturizer that has such amazing coverage. This stuff is golden! I pretty much use it everyday and get tons of compliments about how it evens out my complexion and gives that nice smooth finish that we all love. This product will continue to be a staple in my makeup collection for a long time to come.

2. Benefit They’re Real!

I love a good mascara, but have never really considered myself a mascara snob. I can use pretty much any mascara and be OK with the results. The day I tried Benefit They’re Real, I was blown away. This stuff takes my lashes from just looking ok on a normal day to out of this world. It not only lengthens my lashes but also curls and volumizes. I’m obsessed with it and really can’t live without it. I can’t lie, I’ve been testing out other mascara’s on the market lately to see if they would compare but nothing has truly blown me away like this product. Love it! 

3. Define-A-Brow Eyebrow Pencil in Medium Brown by Maybelline 

Anyone else out there with problem brows? My brows are super thin (genetically) and I hate it! I’ve always wished for thicker brows but that never happened…Soooo, after a little research, I came across this gem from Maybelline. I love a simple brow pencil that just does all the work for you. This pencil is super easy to use and gives me that natural fullness that I love. I wish I could use those fancier brow remdies but I’m just not that sophisticated in the brow department. I need something simple and most importantly easy to use. This product is exactly that–OH, and the price is great as well! You can get this baby for about $6.95 at your local drug store…STEAL!

4. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish in Gold Deposit

Ever wonder how some girls get that smooth, bronzy finish to their cheeks and brows? This is the stuff they’re using! I adore this product because you use such a small amount at a time it really does last forever! This is my favorite in the summer particularly in the day when you go for that super natural look–it provides a pop of extra shimmer but in a natural way that makes everyone wonder “why is she glowing?” I love this stuff!

5. Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer

This moisturizer brightens and evens out skin tone while protecting against UV rays. I love this moisturizer because I truly put it to the test and saw great results. My uneven skin tone is very prevalent around my lips and I started using this moisturizer about 4 months ago and concentrated heavily around that area. I’ve seen dramatic improvements since using this product. The area around my lips is much more even. It also lasts a while as you really only need to use a tiny amount daily. Almost time to re-up on this one!

6. Laura Mercier Face Primer – Oil Free

I actually got this as a sample in a gift with purchase a couple months ago when I replenished my tinted moisturizer. I’ve been testing it out and I am in love! Before I used this product, I noticed that my tinted moisture would literally melt away in the summer months. I would sometimes get it on my hands if I touched my face and then it would end up on my papers at work or on my clothes. Since applying this primer before using the tinted moisturizer, I’ve noticed that my moisturizer stays on in place and no longer comes off easily–It actually stays fresh and in place for hours, which is exactly what I was looking for. I use less than a pea size and it truly works! Looking forward to purchasing the full size product when my sample finishes.

7. Mac Mineralize Skinfinish – Natural 

This is the powder I use after applying my tinted moisturizer. It is the absolute best! It has the awesome natural-matte finish with a nice light coverage. It’s also great for a little touch-up throughout the day.

8. Diva Lipstick

Hands down my favorite lipstick right now – Diva. It’s creamy, smooth and goes on like butter. The perfect finish to any look.

Have you tried any of the products mentioned? If so, let me know what you think below! 



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