8 things I can’t wait to do in Jamaica

So, 2015 is off to an amazing start! I’m already scratching destination #1 off of my travel wish list for this year! First up—the beautiful, easy going island of Jamaica. I go to Jamaica on March 14th & I absolutely cannot wait! I was born in Jamaica and migrated to the US when I was about 6 years old. I went back from time to time but my last visit was over 5 years ago (a visit is overdue).

In planning the itinerary for my upcoming trip, I’ve found some awesome pictures and instagram accounts that have inspired me along the way. BTW a little tip is to type in hashtags of your destination on instagram (#Jamaica) and be blown away by the amount of cool destinations you can find all in one place. I came across some of these destinations by following some pretty cool accounts such as @viewjamaica and also just clicking around on different hashtags. It’s the new way of itinerary making! But really though, another great site I came across was afar.com, a resource for all things travel! It had an in depth guide of everything you need to know about Jamaica! Check it out.

1. Cornwall Beach, Montego Bay

Apparently Cornwall Beach is the best place to go in Montego Bay outside of the super touristy Doctor’s Cave Beach. I’m excited to check it out and enjoy time with local visitors and partake in the super fun sunset parties with bottomless Appleton drinks! Can’t wait!


2. Appleton Estate, Kingston

Appleton Estate is a legendary distillery in Jamaica’s Southcoast. I’m interested in going on the journey through time to learn about the history of rum! The tour gives an inside look at how the finest rum in the world is made.


3. Winnifred Beach, Portland

This gorgeous golden sand beach has some of the prettiest turquoise
waters I’ve ever seen in pictures (I mean, just look at it). I’ve read that the beach is a nice mix of locals and visitors (which is the vibe I love). The beach also boasts some jerk stands on site, serving fresh seafood & festival plus ice cold red stripes! My type of place.


4. Boston Bay, Portland

Boston Bay is said to be the birthplace of jerk chicken..that’s enough to get me either immediately upon arrival.


5. Rockhouse, Negril

I’ve heard that experiencing the Rockhouse Restaurant is a must on any Negril visitor’s
list. I’m thinking of checking it out both during the day to take a dip in the crystal clear water and at night when the outdoor deck is lit with tiki torches and the
Caribbean Sea shimmers below.


6. Blue Lagoon, Portland

This lagoon is 180-foot-deep jade and sapphire colored body of fresh and salt water in Port Antonio’s
east coast. The water looks so serene and inviting! Can’t wait to take a dip.


7. Rafting on the Rio Grande, Portland

This will probably be the most adventurous thing I do while in Jamaica; even though all I’ll be doing is relaxing on a bamboo raft for about 2 hours. Oh the life!


8.  Frenchman’s Cove, Portland

If I could, I would stay in Portland for my entire trip just to explore every inch of the parish. Frenchman’s Cove is more than just a beach, it’s the ideal day getaway! The beach is breathtaking and the river right next to it looks unbelievable, plus the swings and vines make it even more exotic looking! Love it.


Anything I missed? Let me know below in the comments section!


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