How to Create Outdoor Space Indoor

Are you in a situation where you don’t have a backyard garden, a covered patio or a front porch where you can go to relax and enjoy the beautiful spring weather? Like most New York dwellers, I too struggle with this unfortunate situation. Not to worry though, I have some beautiful alternatives to help you transform your indoor space into a wonderful outdoor oasis. It’s really up to you to think outside the box and not let your surrounding limit your space.


Bring the outdoors inside

Even if it’s in the form of a simple, small plant on the window sill, it will bring life to your space and partially bring the outdoors inside. 


Fake it till you make it

So, you’re not really into taking care of a real plant but you do love the idea of living plants in your home…why not try a fake plant? It might sound a little less appealing than a real plant, but I know some people who’ve held on to their fake plants for years! The white flowers against the pink background in the main photo for this post are fake flowers that I got from Michaels to decorate my bedroom. I’ve had them for years (shhh!) They don’t die and as long as you maintenance them a bit you’re good to go. I personally love them if you get one that’s really great quality, like that one above.


Dress your window sill

I love dressing up a window sill with great pictures, flowers and candles! I love the image above because it captures how gorgeous just adding a vase of fresh flowers can make a window sill really chic! 


Just use what you have

Sometimes, it is a bit of work to go out and buy a fake plant or pick up some fresh flowers. However, if you take a look around your home there are things you might already have that you can make good use of to bring a bit of the outdoor space inside. Just take a look around and see what you can do. Often times all you really have to do is open up that curtain that you typically like closed and crack that window a bit and voila–instant change!


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