New Restaurant Alert: The Edge Harlem

Located at 101 Edgecomb Ave, The Edge is not the newest player on the block but has certainly been making their rounds on social media lately by driving in a diverse audience with their offerings weekly.

I came across The Edge on the explore page on instagram when I saw a delicious plate of ackee and saltfish as a brunch item on someones feed. I was immediately intrigued because not many resturants locally serve Jamaica’s national dish for brunch. I clicked on the image and immediately began my research.

Come to find out, The Edge has been apart of the neighborhood for about a year now! A gem right under my nose. My boyfriend and I decided to check out the local spot for dinner last night and we were blown away. The food was fantastic and the service was wonderful. It was everything and more that you desire from a lovely neighborhood restaurant.

The Edge describes themselves as casual eatery with flavors of Jamaica and England with a little New York attitude. Love it!

Happy Hour Specials from 4-8 was a plus 🙂

Live Music by Lauren Henderson & Greg Rugg
Last nights special was a creamy, delicious seafood pasta filled with mussels, jumbo shrimp & scallops

Salmon Burger with a side of plantains & mixed greens

I will most definitely be back to visit The Edge very soon, possibly for brunch this weekend! 

What’s your favorite neighborhood restaurant? Let me know below.




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