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After leaving Napa Valley last week, I was convinced that I would be joining my first wine club. After getting back to NYC and researching my favorite vineyards in Napa, I was shocked at how expensive wine clubs were. The average cost per shipment is approximately $100, which includes 2 bottles every other month. I didn’t think that was a spectacular deal so I researched for a few days and came across Club W Wine Club.

Each month Club W recommends small lot wines based on your Palate Profile and delivers them to your door. Order 6 bottles or more and shipping is free. Once you receive your wine shipment you can visit Club W and watch the wine video that correlates to your shipment. You’ll learn all the details behind each bottle and find awesome recipe pairings as well. I was really impressed by the recipe cards that came with the shipment. Each card corresponds with a wine and simply outlines the perfect recipe for your selection.

After you drink the wine and enjoy it, you can use the Club W app to rate the wines to continuously refine your palate profile so the recommendations get better over time. Club W also offers a really cool sharing program. Invite your friends to experience Club W and for everyone who joins, you receive $26 in credits and they will get $13. Visit here to get started.

I loved the way the bottles came packaged in a 3 row crate that allowed the bottles to not rub against one another. Once you take the bottles out of the packaging the recipe cards are revealed on the bottom of the package.

Let’s get into my selections:

1. 2014 Les Bobos Carignane 
On the nose, the 2014 Les Bobos smells instantly of white pepper, green pepper, and rhubarb. A second sniff reveals subtler aromas of plum and eucalyptus, and once you take a sip you’ll get the same peppery notes on the palate. Drink with lamb dinner , and pair with your coolest hipster impression.

2. 2013 One from the quiver Malbec
This is a rich, classic Malbec; like everything from Argentina, it goes best with steak.

3. 2014 Porter & Plot Chardonnay
Brightness and balance mean this Porter & Plot can pair with a variety of foods–unlike most Chardonnays! I must say that I’m pushing myself to explore more white wines as my preference is red. This Chardonnay is really nice & light. It’s super buttery and easy to drink.

I think Club W is great alternative to the other expensive wine clubs that are specific to a certain brand. I love that you’re able to explore eclectic wines with this company at a fair price.

The subscription costs $39.00 + $6 flat rate shipping (shipping is free if you order 6+ bottles). You can also skip a month if you want, so no pressure.

Check out the Club W website for even more information on the club–They also have a great blog!

Have you ever been interested in joining a wine club? Let me know below! 


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