5 Ways to Have the Best November Ever

Can you believe that we’re just two months shy of the New Year? Don’t wait until January 1st to make resolutions. Start today, and have the best November ever!

It takes simple small, steps throughout a new month to feel like you’re accomplishing goals and being productive with your time. Your monthly goals don’t need to be huge, it could be as simple as saying one thing you’re thankful for each day.

I came up with 5 things below that you can do this month to have one of your best months ever!

1. Work Out
This one might be a no brainer, but honestly, if you put in the effort to actively work out 3 times a week you’re guaranteed to release some great endorphins that will automatically make you feel better. I’m the worst when it comes to working out and keeping my training goals. However, for some reason, I usually get better with working out in the colder months. My goal for this month is to work out at least three times a week, whether that’s in the morning or after work. I want to get active and look good while doing it!

2. Start a challenge
Not just a squat challenge, but this can be any challenge. If you want it to be fitness related it can be but it doesn’t have to be. Take on a challenge such as reading more, cooking more, going to church more, working on your dreams more, anything! Just pick something, start it and most importantly finish it!

3. Set a personal goal
I love setting small personal goals because I feel encouraged whenever I complete one. My personal goal for November is starting each day with tons of gratitude. I want to start each morning with praise in my heart and in my voice. Every. Single. Day. Hopefully, this is something that will carry on way past November 🙂

4. Plan ahead for the holidays
Book that ticket home, now! Start saving for those gifts, now! Start planning that holiday party, now! Don’t wait until December to get a start on your holiday planning, there is no better time than the present moment to start preparing for the busiest time of year. You’ll be thankful that you took the time to plan ahead later.

5. Do something you’ve never done
I love this one! Too often we become so complacent with where we are in life and what we’ve done. I want to do something this month that I’ve never done. Now, it doesn’t have to be something as extravagant as most of you are thinking. You can do something small like start a book club, sing in front of an audience, get a personal trainer, write a book, host a class, cook for your family…anything!  Just push yourself past your fears and try something new.

Hope you guys enjoyed this list! Here’s to an unforgettable November.

What would you like to accomplish this month? Share with me below.



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