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The fact that the weekend has already rolled around again is astounding! Time is flying and won’t slow down for anyone. With that said I hope you lived this week up and accomplished some of your goals. As for me, I’m winding down from a staycation and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Hoping you have a fabulous weekend. Here are 10 links to get you through.

  1. I found the wooden dining chairs I want for a steal. Life is good. 
  2. Looking forward to trying at least one of these Rose cocktail recipes. 
  3. Too much staycationing (yes that’s a word) and eating this week. Must try this workout next week.
  4. Because black girls are magic. Thinking of getting this new contour palette by beauty blogger Shayla.
  5. Finally filled my gallery wall with photo’s today, but having major gallery wall envy of these inspiration shots.
  6. Loving yourself should be your first priority. This post is giving me all the feels. 
  7. If you’re in the northeast this summer, the hudson valley could be a great escape. 
  8. Should I do this to my faux tulip dining table once I get it? Yes, I’ve decided on this one.
  9. If you aren’t asking for more, you’re selling yourself short. 
  10. Enough is enough. Our voices will be heard

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