5 Steps to Flawless Spring Hair

Since spring has sprung, let’s get into a discussion about how to get your hair ready for the season. If you’re anything like me then your hair has struggled through the winter. I turned to protective styling and heat tools to tame my hair during the winter months as a result my hair has become a little lifeless and dare I say dry. During the spring/summer months I love to wear my hair curly so I needed to get it ready by doing these 5 things.

1. Use a satin bonnet at night

Using a satin bonnet is one of those things that I only do about 50% of the time. However, this really is the first step to flawless hair. If you don’t sleep on a satin pillowcase then investing in a bonnet is the next best thing. When sleeping on your curls you need the satin to help  you achieve 2 to 3 day hair. I love my hair the best when it’s a bit old and the satin bonnet protects my curls and allows me to have a bit of longevity when it comes to my twist outs. So, stop being lazy and grab for that satin bonnet at night! 

2. Use an oil treatment

Lately, I’ve been feeling like my hair needs a little extra moisture and strength, especially around my hairline. I love the Tropic Isle Living products and decided to give their Jamaican black castor with black seed and walnut oil a try. Not only is it a growth stimulant but it’s also a hair detox and scalp cleanser. So far so good! But you can really use any oil to get this regimen going. Grab your favorite oil and include in your regimen a little bit more regularly going into the spring season.

3. Less protective styling

Don’t get me wrong, protective styling is great, but it also strains your hair. Ponytails, braids and weaves are all fly but they can cause your hair to break if used too regularly. Personally, my downfall is a high bun. I live for a bun because of how easy and chic they look. However, doing a bun too often will cause your hairline to break. Try letting your hair down a bit more during the spring season and give it a break from all that strain!

4. Avoid heat

I know, I know. This is a hard one! I love heat tools. My flat iron and I have a very personal relationship. However, there comes a time in every naturals life where she has to step away from the heat. During the spring is the perfect time! Enjoy the beautiful weather with your hair in free form. Don’t worry about straightening your hair and just let it be. This will give your hair a much needed rejuvenation. This is the perfect chance to do that 6 month heat free hair challenge you’ve been dying to do! 

5. Deep Condition or use a hair masque

Sometimes deep conditioning can be a time consuming task, trust me, I hear you! If you don’t have time to deep condition, use a luscious hair masque. Shea Moisture makes some great affordable options. This is one of my favorite ones. These masque’s can help to bring your hair back to life in a matter of minutes. You don’t need all day to deep condition either! You can simply leave the conditioner on your hair for 15 minutes and then rinse–that should do the trick well.

That’s it beauties! I hope you enjoyed these steps on how to get flawless hair for the spring season. I’m on a journey now to healthier, stronger hair and I’m looking forward to implementing all these steps. I’ll keep you posted on the journey.

What are some things you do in the spring season to whip your hair in shape? Let me know below!

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