Macy’s INC Peplum Polka Dot Top


To be honest, I don’t consider myself a fashionista at all. I just love clothes that make me feel cute and confident, especially a good top. When I came across this INC polka dot peplum top in Macy’s the other day I was so obsessed with it. I thought wow, the print was so bold and fierce. I bought it without even a second thought.

When I  got home and tried it on it fit like a glove! Don’t you love when something fits the way you envision? Always a win for me! The price was right too, you know Macy’s comes through with the sales!  I don’t own many peplum style tops but I’m noticing that it’s a good silhouette for my figure, it gives so much shape.

Check out my link below to shop like or similar styles from this look!


Let me know down below in the comments section if you would rock something as bold and fierce as this top! Would love to hear from you.


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