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#ad Partnering with Kodiak Cakes was a no brainer–Anyone who knows my husband know’s how much he loves pancakes. If I’m honest I never really had a taste for pancakes until I met him. It’s like Saturdays or weekends in general automatically equals pancakes on the menu 🙂 I give him credit though because he’s tried different recipes to find just the right one for him! He’ll even make them himself! He loves them that much.

Kodiak Cakes is a non-gmo brand of multi grain, protein packed pancake and waffle mixes. My husband might like pancakes a lot but he loves to stay healthy and ensure that he’s nourishing his body even more. So, needless to say I was happy that this brand offered not only a delicious pancake mix but healthy as well! I decided to make a few different flavors so that we could figure out which was our favorite. I whipped up Cinnamon oat, buttermilk and chocolate chip. They were all delicious in their own right but the cinnamon oat might’e been the winner!

To really spice these pancakes up even further, I added a dash of extra cinnamon to the mix and a tiny bit of vanilla and an even tinier bit of brown sugar (shhh). The best tip I received about these pancakes from a friend was to ensure that I used coconut oil to cook them up. It made the crispiest edges! So yummy! If you’re looking for a healthy, filling option for yourself or your family, look no further! Kodiak Cakes is must try!

There are multiple ways you can bring these pancakes all together. For an even greater serving of protein you can use milk instead of water and you can also add an egg to the mix. No worries though because the back of each box gives you exact directions on what to do for each variation. For us, adding water was just fine.

Happy pancake cooking, everyone!

The products provided in this post were a gift but the thoughts and comments are all my own! Thank you for supporting brands that support Asili Glam!

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