Magazine Style Wedding Save the Date: A How To Guide

If you’re engaged and thinking about how to really wow your friends and family then look no further and create a magazine style wedding save the date. It is way easier than it sounds and a lot of fun to actually concept and design.

I first got the idea on Instagram from the wedding queen herself shaq_will. She killed the game from her magazine style wedding save the date to her bride hive to her wedding, everything was on point. I saw her magazine style wedding save the date and knew my idea of wanting one wasn’t so far fetched because she was able to accomplish it flawlessly. I started doing research on how I should begin the process on this idea and realized the first thing we would need to do is obviously get our engagement photos.

Back in November, Nate and I had the extraordinary opportunity to shoot with Ian Joseph Jones in Brooklyn at the Botanical Garden and Brooklyn Museum. We chose the Botanical Garden because of the fall theme and the leaves were still changing colors and it was just stunning. Since the Brooklyn Museum was right next to the Botanical Garden we decided to do a second look there as well. Back in the day this was a place Nate and I often ran into each other before we started dating so it was a sentimental moment for us to be on the same steps taking our engagement photos where we use to eye each other as strangers once upon a time.

After a few weeks we got back our photos and we were blown away. He captured our love and the day so beautifully that it made putting this magazine style save the date together a breeze. I first started the design process in PowerPoint or keynote in mac. I set up the front cover as one page and then the inside pages a spread and then the back cover as a single page. I selected our engagement photo’s I wanted to use and started working on the copy and design element. Once that was all done I pretty much had the bones of the design. The front cover was really our Ebony or Essence magazine moment. I chose our most intimate photo from the shoot of us facing each other and used the copy to really bring the cover to life.

The inside pages speak to when it all started, our love story and the proposal. The back cover was our wedding date and wedding website details.

Most printing companies don’t accept powepoint as an actual file so you need to work with a graphic designer to bring your design to life. I worked with someone who I actually work with at Macy’s and she created the most stunning designs. She essentially took what I had and made it graphically better by using gorgeous fonts and colors to really bring our story to life.

Once she had the files ready we did a few rounds of edits and then I sent the files off to to get the proof back in the mail.

They sent me the hard copy of the magazine style wedding save the date in about 4 days. I checked the copy for any final edits and tweaks and then sent them my final approval.

The process was so easy and painless that I want to create something else just so I can work with them again! I loved their customer service and the fact that I was able to use a coupon for my final order was just a blessing! All in all this was a great experience and so worth it. We have gotten the best phone calls and messages from friends and family over the past couple weeks raving about how beautiful the design was. I’m thankful for a brilliant photographer, talented graphic designer and a wonderful printing company. All these elements aided us in creating the most beautiful magazine style save the date.

Can’t wait to design our wedding invitation 🙂




  1. Monica Myers
    February 2, 2018 / 1:36 pm

    Lovely! đź’•

    • natasha
      February 8, 2018 / 8:23 pm

      thanks my darling! <3

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