TGIF, but what else?

Today is Friday, and yes, we’re all like “TGIF!” But when was the last time you showed gratitude for something outside of just Friday? Listen, I love the yaaasss it’s Friday posts on instagram as much as the next person. However, I think it’s important to go a little bit deeper and search for that true gratitude.

I wanted to share a few things that I’m grateful for over the past week, other than Friday, aka TGIF.

Since April, I’ve been keeping a gratitude log and it’s simply a log I keep in the notes section of my iPhone where I write down the first few things that come to my mind in the morning when it comes to gratitude and thankfulness. I try my best to do this practice every day during the week and make it apart of my morning ritual. I wake up, read my Bible plan that my husband and I do together and then I go straight to my gratitude log and write down several things I’m grateful for. I’m so thankful for this new practice because I’m recognizing that I’m now practicing manifestation at it’s finest. Most days I notice that I’m thankful for things that haven’t even happened yet and that’s simply called faith.

Next, I’m thankful for investing in myself and starting a digital course with Heroic Public Speaking this week. My aunt told me about this incredible program that’s helped her with her key note speeches and said that I would be a great candidate for their Core program. I listen to everything my aunt says so this was a no brainer. I enrolled in the course and it began this week. By the end of this seven week course I’ll be prepared to give a speech and have improved performance skills that will hopefully be able to change the way I influence other’s with my words and performance. I’m super excited for this opportunity and I look forward to how it will stretch me personally.

Lastly, this week is probably the first week where I seriously have not focused 100% on the corporate career search grind. I simply focused on myself, my wellness my personal growth and what do you know? I found inspiration. I’m happy to have this enlightenment this week because I know good things are coming for me I just can’t sit all day every day and stress about it. I know I serve a mighty God and I know that he is creating a path for me that is greater than anything I can ever imagine–I just need to continue to walk in my truth and keep pushing.

I wrote this post because I want to challenge you today to take some time to think about what you’re truly grateful for and practice gratitude in a more meaningful way. So, the next time you say TGIF, just take it a step further and think about a few more things that you’re thankful for.

Let me know in the comments section what you’re grateful for! It can be anything!

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